What are the Most Profitable Trucking Companies In America?


What are the Most Profitable Trucking Companies In America? The trucking industry is an important part of America. It plays an important role in delivering the goods at the doorsteps. This list of the Most Profitable Trucking Companies In America contain the most popular and profitable companies.

For the past many years, the Transport Topics publication has been keeping track of each trucking company and their growth regarding their revenue. They cover contract freight carriers along with common freight carriers both in Canada and in the United States. The publication has ranked each trucking company according to their financial yearly statistics. They have also provided data on the number of tractors and employees each company has. Transport Topics interviewed top executives from various companies about the general trucking industry regarding their job prospects for the near future. The executives talked about their concerns on how the added environmental and safety regulations will impact their business. The federal mandates that were introduced recently about the electronic tracking of driver hours along with initiatives on driver training and sleep apnea could reduce the number of drivers which are decreasing already. Since 2014, over 70,000 bus drivers and commercial trucks have been disqualified due to medical reasons according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It is estimated that about 12,000 commercial driving license holders of the 8.5 million hold just temporary license.

We have ranked this list of most profitable trucking companies according to their net income of the previous year. The difference between. The income and revenue can vary by a great margin for the trucking companies. There are many companies which earned a lot in revenue but incurred net loss ending up with a low income. Ab example is XPO Logistics Inc. It had the third highest revenue but registered only a tepid income of $69.0 million. Read on to know more about the most profitable trucking companies in the United States.

United Parcel Service, Inc., FedEx Corporation, and Ryder Supply Chain Solutions are some of the Most Profitable Trucking Companies In America. United Parcel Services delivers around 15 million packages every day. Their revenue in 2016 was $60.9 billion. FedEx Corporation is an Arkansas-based company. They have the biggest air based freight platform in the world. Their revenue in 2016 was $50.4 billion. Ryder Supply Chain Solutions which is owned by Ryder System Inc. is a Miami-based business. They have 6,042 trailers and 4,098 tractors. Check out the other companies!