What Are The Most Racist Places In America According To Google?


Have you ever wonder what are the most racist places in America according to Google?

The United States of America is a multicultural country.People of many nations and races from all over the world built it. There were thousands of thousands of British, French, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, etc. people who had come across the ocean before the American nation even existed. Not to speak of the countless people flows from the Africa. All these women and men who pushed American economy forward without any gratitude from the government but with a fist and a whip from their employers.

Our world is full of discrimination on a different basis like religious, social, national and behavioural ones. But during that time of vigorous and audacious deeds, the most barbarian discrimination was developed. The racism. And this discrimination still exists nowadays.

Racism can have various methods of visualisation. It starts with bullying in schools and neighbourhoods and has a continuation in colleges and universities. Even in our modern and rapidly developing society, we have racism. It’s buzzing in the people’s mind from time to time though they surely won’t call themselves racists. This streak of character is stamped very well on our minds, and it reveals itself in any appropriate case when someone who doesn’t look like us is behaving the way we are not used to.

Insider Monkey made a list of the most racist places in America. This list cannot be one hundred percent correct because no one ever will tell in a survey whether he/she is racist or not. So to know the approximate racist map of the United States they used studies which were made by the PLOS ONE – a research platform. Guys from the PLOS ONE analysed thousands of search queries to know in which state people searches for the racism-coloured words and phrases.

To know the statistics go ahead and read Insider Monkey’s article: 20 Most Racist Places in America According To Google.