North Korea is famous for its unusual rules and laws, and you probably caught yourself thinking what are the most ridiculous laws in North Korea.

North Korea’s dynasty began in 1948 with Kim II-Sung who is the grandfather of the incumbent Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. Kim II-Sung became the president of North Korea after the Japanese left it divided in 1945. Once, North Korea invaded the South in order to unite the Korean peninsula under its government.

In its early days, North Korea was influenced by the Russian way of government which was characterized by Marxism-Leninism and communism. But, Kim II-Sung’s self-created philosophy became dominant. Kim always ruled ruthlessly, but compared to North Korea back then, today it has a more stable economy and the standard of living is far better. Because of the Soviet Union and its ties to North Korea, the collapse of the union and the North Korea didn’t affect the Kims and they continued to rule even today.

You can’t even imagine what kind of laws North Korea has. Did you know that there are only 28 government approved haircuts, or that blue denim is not allowed? If you wanted to visit North Korea you should expand your knowledge and learn a thing or two about their laws.

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