What Are the Most Significant Brands Signed in China?


Chinese people have occupied every city in every country in the world with their stores where you can purchase items for ridiculously low prices, but their products usually don’t last that long, which is why people may get the impression of Chinese export industry doesn’t help the country’s economic that well. But this is actually disbelief as the most of the products we use every day and give a big money for them are actually manufactured in China. Do you know what are those most significant brands signed in China?

While their overall economic growth is a bit slowed down due to the new government and the manufacturing, private market companies took the lead and brought the overall economic to the whole new level. Data collected in 2016 showed that 100 most valuable brands in China have earned $525,6 billion, which is 13% more than the previous year. On the other hand, China’s brands took the first three places in the Forbes Global 2000 List, and, besides them, there are 169 more China’s brands on the list, which made China the country with the biggest number of the most successful companies in the world. What are those companies that China can brag about? Well, first of all, as you might notice, every other person in the world is holding some Huawei smartphone or any other electronic device branded by Huawei. If you didn’t know, Huawei Technology is placed in China, and the total value of the company is over $18 billion, and the owners are hoping to increase it even more by the end of 2017.

Another brand that is worldwide known and it is widely used by people all age, gender, and interests, and it is China origin is Baidu Inc, the Chinese leading search engine that is the biggest competition to Google Inc. Like Google, Baidu has to offer to its users Baidu Music, Baidu Maps, Baidu Wallet, and Baidu Tieba. It is basically the copy of Google, but more improved, which is why it is slowly, but safely, overtaking Google’s leading spot because of its ability to penetrate any market and site unlike Google, which is anteverted by the entry bans. The company’s value is estimated to $66,1 billion.

If you are eager to know more about companies that made China proud, check out all 10 most valuable brands in China. You will be surprised how many items you have purchased and how many their services you were using, without knowing their origins.