What Are the Most Unsafe Airlines in the US?


Have you ever noticed how many different names appear when you type plane crash or watch some crash on TV? If you looked at it at least a bit more careful, you would notice that, without counting terroristic attacks, there are about 15 airlines tops mentioned in these news reports. According to all of these, we can find out what the most unsafe airlines in the US are.

Of course, to find out which airline is the most unsafe, we don’t look that much into someone else’s reviews, but the number of accidents caused by these airlines. As said earlier, we don’t pay that much of the attention on the airlines blown by terrorists, but the accidents that were caused by the technical neglecting.

To be honest, each trip you take brings some risks along and, if something is destined to be, it will happen sooner or later. But at least you can make sure that you take all the safe measures you could before your trip. Before we head to our research, there are some statistics we should pay attention first. If we would rank the traveling methods based on their safety, the last place would be taken by the vehicles on two wheels. According to the Northwestern University that collected data from the period between 2000 and 2009, there were 212.57 deaths per billion miles caused by bike riders. Fortunately, other traveling methods are way far behind, showing that the safest way for traveling is actually the flying. So next time you are about to travel and remember how much you are afraid of heights, remember this statistics that showed 7.28 deaths per billion passengers miles by car, and 0.43 by rail, and the most successful was travel by air with only 0.07. And why is that? There might be many reasons and some that cross my mind in this moment are the facts that there are only two pilots controlling it in the whole sky and there isn’t that much traffic up there. Another thing is that one flight depends on many people, which means that there are more than 10 people checking if everything is regular before the start, and there are also navigators helping pilots during the flight. So, as you can see, too much organization isn’t worthless. But there are some airline companies still struggling with the safety of their passenger and here are 10 most unsafe dangerous airlines in America that obviously still didn’t find the right solution.