What Are the Most Worldwide Spread Eating Contests?


People found a great way to combine two people’s greatest loves: eating and competitions. Every country, every city and every village in the world have their own eating contest. Would you like to know what the most worldwide spread eating contests are?

People are making contests for literally everything since literally from time immemorial. When we were kids, we were racing each other to prove who was the fastest, we played hide and seek to prove that we would be the last to find, or even to have the capability not to be found until we decide to, or just to show everyone that we are the ones that no one can hide from. During the high school period we competed who would have the better grades, have the most knowledge, be more pretty or be better in sports, and, believe it or not, these competitions were more serious than some we are having in the adult period.

Adults are competing in so many ridiculous things that even give children headaches. They compete who would have a better job, who would make more money, whose kids have better grades, whose kids are better raised, who has a bigger house, but the competitions that none of us can brag about never taking is food contest. Whether is about making the best dish or who can eat more hotdogs or drink more shots, these competitions are places that most adults are visiting during the week. Most common are hotdog eating contests that are supposed to prove how many dozens of hotdogs can someone eat individually, or even make this a family activity where both parents and younger generations will eat as many pieces as they can with a big possibility of throwing up later. There are many consequences of this kind of contests, but people believe that all of them are worth it which is why there are a lot of hotdog eating contests worldwide.  If you are one of those who is willing to risk their health for this kind of fun than you should apply for some of these 10 biggest hot dog eating contests in the world.