What are the Most Xenophobic Countries in Europe?


What are the Most Xenophobic Countries in Europe? This list will tell you that Europe is not very progressive as there are many xenophobic countries in this continent. Europe is considered by many to be a continent with liberal way of outlook and quite advanced. Though it is true that European countries are more tolerant of people of other nations, there are still countries who express xenophobic ideas. There is a pretty valid reason for this as well. With the war in Syria, and the people fleeing their country in million, some European nations have welcomed them though they did not contribute to the nation’s economy. But then there took place many terrorist attacks and the mood changed.

Many people think of racism and xenophobia as pretty much the same thing but they are not. Xenophobia is the dislike of foreign people and products while racism is usually against people belonging to a different origin. We have ranked these countries according to the World Value Survey with data from the period 2010-1014. Do note that this survey did not include many of the European countries. The survey includes only about 15 countries. The survey has questions about what kind of neighbors would you like? Or whether they would have any problem if their neighbor is from a different nation. Those countries which have the highest response for minding if their neighbor is an immigrant top this list of the Most Xenophobic Countries in Europe. Many say they do not mind the immigrants as long as the job opportunity us sufficient for the natives. Also, since the survey only talked to a very small lot of the population, the results may not be accurate but just enough to give us a general picture of the country’s preferences.

Estonia, France, and Russia are some of the countries in this list. The percentage of people who were against having an immigrant or a foreigner as their neighbors is 37.5% in Estonia. France had a percentage of 36.5% of the population say that they were not willing to be neighbors with those who were foreigner or immigrants. 32.2% of the Russian population said that they would rather not be neighbors with immigrants or foreigners. They also air their opinions publicly. You can check out the complete list of the Most Xenophobic Countries in Europe. Now, you know which countries to stay away from!