What Are the Must-Read Blogs?


With more days spent in front of the computer, people found the way to replace the old-fashion diaries with the electronic blogs. Each blog is designed as the personal image of its creator and they became that popular that owners treat them as their personal earning websites. Each blog has its purpose, which doesn’t essentially need to be a diary, but sharing thoughts and philosophy of life, photographs, and eating habits, basically everything you want. They even made websites look old-fashioned. What started as the kind of journalism now became the way of modern life.

This way of life actually sounds interesting. Imagine waking up in the morning and, instead of scrolling facebook or Instagram app, you start your everyday life-story. This way provides you more creativity and the way to share your most desirable thoughts and hopes and turn them into one fantastic story. After all, why would you chase some other’s dream if you can make your own dream come true?

On the other hand, if you are not that creative, but you want to read something smarter than ‘’today is a beautiful day’’ tweets, and ‘’look how drunk I was last night’’ facebook posts, there are many blogs online that may be perfect for you and your needs. As said before, there are many topics used in this kind of creative work, but most read ones are usually run by professionals and freelancers who managed to cash their skills and experience without chasing after bosses on some online platform where you in 95% of the cases don’t know who you are working for. Besides, anyone can be a blogger, from a professional interior designer to a stay-home mom, like Katie. She started out as a Wellness Mama when her first son was born and her topics include tips for parenting, healthy meals and exercises, beauty and everything else she could refer to healthy living. Even though she started it for her own pleasure, her site quickly became that popular that she receives several tips requests per a day.

Besides Katie, there are several more bloggers that started this as a family business. There is a sister duo that created A Beautiful Mess. Everything you can think of doing in order to increase the usefulness of your home, you can find here. From makeup and beauty tips, over home-made designs, to dish-recipes.

As said before, besides those stay-home blog owners, there are many professionals running their interior designers, travel and fashion blogs, including celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, so if you are interested, check out the 15 most successful lifestyle blogs in the world and find your morning entertainment.