What are the Neighborhoods to Avoid in Brooklyn?


What are the Neighborhoods to Avoid in Brooklyn? It is common knowledge that when one travels to Brooklyn, they first tend to think of their and their family’s safety. As Brooklyn is part of New York, both of these cities are seen as one single state. There occurs a lot of crimes here and the focus is usually on that.

Recently, New York’s crime rate has fallen from what was maintained before. But unfortunately, crime still persists. Many tourists feel that Brooklyn is a nice place to visit or stay. The locals are of the opinion that there are certain neighborhoods in Brooklyn from which they would rather stay away. Why is there such a lot of hate in this city?

New York has had an above average rate of crime in the past. Slowly, though the crime rate is falling, the reputation and the fear remain. It was quite difficult to know what was the actual scenario as one-half claimed that Brooklyn was a quite a nice place while the other half claimed that it was terrible. In order to create this list, we used information from websites like Virtual Tourist and TripAdvisor along with the NYPD’s website. The details found on the NYPD’s website told us about the major crimes like rape, robbery, manslaughter, and murder. Many of the so-called dangerous neighborhoods in Brooklyn had latest incidents dating even a year back meaning that recent incidents had decreased. This tells us that the police along with the residents and the community leaders have successfully attempted to decrease the rate of crime in Brooklyn. This has made the city a safe place to visit or to stay in. All one can do is to prevent future crimes though the hateful and violent crimes of the past will continue to haunt the people.

Brooklyn Heights or Boerum Hill have some really great tourist spots but they are surrounded by criminals and their crimes. Fort Greene or Clinton Hill are another neighborhoods which have quite a lot of business flourishing but they are famous for their high rate of crime. The streets here have witnessed a lot of shootings. Brownsville was once known as the murder capital of the city. Though the crimes have decreased, there is still a lot more to be done. Fortunately, according to the reports, this neighborhood Seems to be getting a bit better every day. Check out the full list of the Neighborhoods to Avoid in Brooklyn.