What Are the Poorest and Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in NYC?


There are articles claiming that New York is one of the safest cities in the US because of the well-developed security system. On the other hand, New York is mentioned as the most dangerous city in the US. Of course, these claims are only worth for specific neighborhoods, and what are the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in NYC?

As New York is the multinational and multiethnic city, you can already assume what the city is alike. From the elite neighborhoods when you are charged for even a regular coffee over $10 to neighborhoods where the overall annual income is under $23,000, there isn’t a feature that can’t be linked to New York.

While the poorest can’t usually be related to most dangerous, there is one neighborhood that you should avoid in both of these features and that’s, according to Insider Monkey’s research team, Brownsville in Brooklyn. Insider Monkey’s team made a big research in both of these topics: 10 poorest neighborhoods in NYC and 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in NYC that proved our previous point: the poorest doesn’t essentially mean most dangerous. But since Brownsville was found in both of these lists, we thought it was our obligation to focus on this specific neighborhood.

The data that seemed the most occurred and reliable were gathered from the Manhattan Institute as well as the DNAinfo. According to the research made by Manhattan Institute, Brownsville’s population was decently decreased from 1970. Back then, it counted 122,589, while this number falls to 55,412 citizens. The reason for this may be the cost of living, which is 27% higher than the national average. This wouldn’t be the issue if the median household incomes weren’t %27,861.

On the other hand, the report from the DNAinfo showed bigger numbers, but, unfortunately only in crime. While the DNAinfo has three categories for neighborhoods rankings, neither of them showed any advantage of Brownsville over other neighborhoods. The three categories they rank are: violent crime, property crime, and all crimes and Brownsville have the high numbers in all three of them. Before moving to those numbers, we should mention that there are 69 ranked NYC neighborhoods. Out of those 69, Brownsville was placed 68th safest NYC neighborhood, with 31 murder accidents per 10,000 residents, and 10 shootings per 10,000 residents. Did we mention that there are only 55,412 residents? On the other hand, for property crimes, it was ranked 52nd, which still isn’t really good, but it is still better than the first score. Still, it is ranked 66th safest for all crimes.

As we already mentioned, this data is used from the Insider Monkey’s article that actually compiled 2 lists and Brownsville was the only one that was placed on both of them, which is why it was the center of the attention in this article. But if you want to see the rest, check out the original article 10 worst, poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in New York City.