What are the poorest countries in South America?


Poverty in South America is high in all countries and Peru is just one of them, but have you ever thought about what are the poorest countries in South America?
During the last couple of years the whole world was in economic crisis, but if we are talking about South American countries, the economic crisis in these countries is constant.

Peru is one of the countries that are on the list of the poorest countries in South America. While people claim that Peru is undergoing major development currently, this is only true for the more urbanized regions. The same example is Ecuador, and statistics show that over thirty-five percent of the population of the country are stricken by poverty. There are many different reasons why a greater proportion of a country’s population may be in poverty than in others. The major and the biggest problem in the countries of South America is corruption. Most of the nations in Latin America have extensive histories of corruption at all levels of government. Corruption is a big part in politics, schools, there is a big corruption in the employment section also. Not only is corruption an issue, violence accompanies the drug trade. The most productive people in various nations of Latin America have gone into the lucrative drug business. Countries in South America are trying to reduce poverty, with varying degrees of effort and success. However, in recent years most South American countries have experienced great economic growth. Education is also a major concern, and the governments are spending millions of dollars in funding schools, but it seems like that problems are huge still. Rural areas are often associated with higher poverty persistence. There’s been a dramatic surge in social programs in the region in the past decade, yet, they are often uncoordinated. The problems associated with poverty that these countries deal with is migration, language and that there is no standard welfare system. Water and sanitation conditions are also inefficient in rural areas.

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