What are the reasons not to trust mass media?


Are you suppose to trust mass media?The development of mass media started with the invention of the print machine by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century which had a special system made of movable metal letters. The first book ever printed by it was the Bible, but it was mostly used for the first mass media ever- the newspaper. Over the years, more views of publishing are invented such as the radio, tv and most recently- the internet.

All of them are used in order to give people the opportunity to stay updated on all upcoming events and the most popular news. The purpose of all the mass media is to give people the truth. The news anger’s from all over the world were chasing the good stories and published them worldwide. Besides those updates, every mass media is also used for entertainment.

But, like everything else, mass media soon became controlled by more powerful people who now decide which news can be published and what thing should be hidden. Despite all the things some of the news owners say, this is the proof that money and violence control everything. Over the years, there are many news reporters who were being threatened to, even beaten up or killed for going against the rules of the people on top and publishing the news they were told not to. That is why the real purpose of mass media have been lost and there is basically nothing we can be sure about and no one we can actually trust. We only hear what others wants us to and they basically try to manipulate with us in order to gain our trust and control what we are doing for their own needs. Lately, the purpose of mass media became controlling of the people and making them robots for the big fishes who are trying to take over the world.

Believe it or not, there are only a few corporations that control everything, and our research team made a great effort to track everything about them down. Check out the list of 6 corporations who own 90 percent of the news media and see who actually creates your opinion.