What Are the Reasons Why Apple Inc is Doomed?


What Are the Reasons Why Apple Inc is Doomed? While in some parts of the world, Apple company has not yet conquered the markets, in the United States it seems that the shine of this company has worn off. Apple used to be a company which dictated trends with innovations and products, which were highlights of the years, but it seems that the situation has changed.

If we look the economic part of Apple’s story, we can conclude that this company is still relevant. From time to time, they release the new version of iPhone with some new functions. But, we have to ask ourselves, is it enough for the big company like Apple? It seems that Apple is losing its shine and that their unique and magical touch is not longer here. Unfortunately, this is true because the company is repeating its politics on new iPhones with minimal upgrades and the big innovations are no longer in the center of attention. For example, they removed the audio jack from phones only to introduce new wireless technology and increase the prices. Those reasons prove that the company has different approach or management which is oriented to only making the profit and staying present on the markets. This politics shouldn’t be the politic one of the most successive and innovative company which Apple used to be but not anymore. Of course that every company wants to make the profit, but it has to keep their clients satisfied and make interesting innovations to keep them interested.

If you are one of the people, who has the similar feeling about this story, we suggest you read Insider Monkey’s article 8 Reasons Why Apple Inc. (AAPL) Is Doomed. According to this article, paying things with Apple Pay seems to be a very unsuccessful move for the company. If you want to find out the other reasons why Apple is doomed, click on the link above and keep reading the article on Insider Monkey’ site.