What are the Recent Most Interesting Man in the World Quotes?


What are the Recent Most Interesting Man in the World Quotes? Here, you will find the burns and the sarcasm that you see in the memes everywhere. It is a popular campaign which started off in the year 2006. Jonathan Goldsmith, an American actor, got his first chance with Dos Equis, a Heineken-owned Mexican beer brand. It’s been around since 1857. He probably had no idea that his lead would become so popular and such an integral part of the internet!

Some of you may remember the television commercial where Goldsmith was surrounded by beautiful Mexican women and Latino music was playing. You might also remember the phrase, “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.” After Goldsmith stepped out in 2016, Dos Equis chose Augustin Legrand, a French actor, who they thought would be a more interesting choice. Goldsmith’s swag and name continue to live on via the millions of memes that are created with his picture. He could truly be the most interesting man in the world. You will find Most Interesting Man in the World memes everywhere on the internet from Twitter to Facebook to Pinterest. They are still popular despite the fact that he’s no longer as active as he was before.

These memes usually follow the pattern from his famous catchphrase, “I don’t always… but when I do… “ This form seems to make everything in between hilarious! Though you can find all types of Most Interesting Man memes, we have chosen those which talk about stupid jokes rather than the ones which are insulting others. You can make some clever jokes with this phrase after you are done reading this.
Take a look at some of the quotes below!
I don’t always eat cookies- but when I do, I eat them in a horrifyingly violent manner- cookie monster.

I don’t always make typos when I text- but when I do, I instantly erase the word and make the same mistake again 7 times.

I don’t always diet and exercise- but when I do, I expect the results to be instant, dramatic & spectacular.

I don’t always wash my sheets- but when I do, I forget them in the washer until it’s time to go to sleep.

We are able to relate to most of these quotes as well! Take a look at some of the Recent Most Interesting Man in the World Quotes.


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