What Are the Sickest Things You Can Find Online?


Modern life is all about the internet, and no matter the age, gender, social status, and nationality, everyone is scrolling their apps whenever you look. But besides fun and education, the internet contains most disturbing things that are even beyond your imagination. If you think that news and videos about war, child and women abuse and killing animals are the worse things you can find online, think again. We bet you can imagine what the sickest things you can find online are!

As you already assumed, isn’t all web content available to us all. For example, try getting into FBI data or governments funds. Unless you are an experienced hacker, you can forget about it. But besides the information which can be highlighted as natural treasures and top secret, the internet contains much worse and illegal things. What if we told you that you only have access to 4% of the complete internet content? The other 96% are referred as the Deep Web and contains 7,9 zettabytes, which is, to be more accurate 7357448339458,5 gigabytes. We think you got the point now. The content of the Deep Web is something that is supposed to remain hidden, which is why it doesn’t have a permanent IP address, and can’t be found by using any regular search engine such as Bing, Yahoo! or Google.

Deep Web is sometimes used for noble purposes, such as journalists sending and receiving private information about their and other countries that are actually forbidden by the government to expose because of a bad publicity and to be hidden from their citizens. But there is very low percentage of those. Mostly, the Deep Web is used for dishonored transmissions, transfers, and packages, and it hides multiple dungeons where you can buy anything: from guns to miscarried spirits of unborn children. You got the point. As the matter effect, stealing IDs and credit cards happen to be the lightest crimes you can commit on the Deep Web. Everything else includes violence, selling drugs and weapons, raping, and all other disturbing contents. If you think that you are brave and mentally strong enough to know everything about the Deep Web, Insider Monkey provided all the details of it in its article about 10 sickest disturbing things you can find on the Deep Web.