What Are the Strongest Cigarette Brands in the World?


Cigarettes are harmful in any case and they are a great addiction, according to many psychologists and doctors. The main difference, besides the price, is the amount of nicotine. So we decided to find out what are the strongest cigarette brands in the world.
In order to find this out, we checked Insider Monkey’s list articles and came across the perfect one as our source. That one is based on taking every cigarette brand in the world and comparing them with data collected from the site called KiwiCig to find the strongest cigarette brands with the highest amount of nicotine.
Not surprisingly, the brands that found their place on the list are Winston, Davidoff Magnum, and Dunhill. So if you don’t think about quitting smoking, at least check out the list and try to avoid these 10.
Both your organism and your surrounding is affected by your cigarettes if you weren’t aware of that by now. Every cigarette you take damages your lungs, every cigarette you take pollutes the air, and this comes from an experienced smoker, just so you know. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has their own needs, and if smoking makes you happier, then go for it. But at least escape from these 10 cigarette brands that have the highest nicotine content.