What are the Stupid iPhone Apps That Made Millions?


What are the Stupid iPhone Apps That Made Millions? If you aspire to be a millionaire and want to become one overnight, you can read this list of the stupid iPhone apps that made millions. Creating an app will let you earn truckloads of money while being creative! We live in a world ruled by technology. Apps will never go out of fashion and if your idea is really good, you’re set! Apps defined as stupid are those which one can use while doing other things. An app which allows you to think about your life as you play on the app. These apps let you take out your frustrations. Most of these apps are simple to navigate and are fun to use. Beware! They are addictive! The apps are so simple that they are defined as stupid.

More often than not, the simplest ideas are the ones which achieve success. A simple but useful idea can be used to make millions while giving the society something. We discovered a few of the most popular but basic apps in articles from Business Insider’s 11 Stupid iPhone Apps That We Can’t Believe Are Real, Investopedia’s 5 Apps That Make Millions, and other apps that we came across which are featured in this article as well. We used their Apple Inc. iTunes reviews along with the number of stars these reviews has received to rank these apps. The app’s with the most hunger of stars and the highest ratings are ranked first. 4.5 stars is the highest reviewed rating on this list. But keeping in mind the stupidity, it’s great that they have managed to get so much at all!

Since there are many versions of the same app, we have used only the classic version of each app, such as My Talking Angela and Angry Birds Star Wars. Most of the apps listed here are also available on Android devices. The Google Play reviews of these apps have not been considered as the reviews in Apple’s iTunes were more than enough to consider for this purpose. All the apps listed here are free so you can download these apps at any time and get started! Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Candy Crush Saga are some of the stupid iPhone Apps That Made Millions. You can check out the full list to know more. Take a look and get playing!