What Are the Top News Apps for 2017?


Have you noticed that nowadays no one reads newspaper on a subway, coffee shops, and similar places? Earlier, whenever you looked, you could see 9 of 10 people with newspapers in front of them and now all the papers have been replaced with smartphones. As smartphones have the easier accesses to literally any information in the world and are most frequently used media in the world, owners of the newspapers came to the perfect solution how to maintain the high number of readers – by making a news apps which is why this article will guide you to the top news apps for 2017.

Depending on the visual and written content and the style of writing you can decide whether some newspapers are fit for you or not. The real newspapers need to have it all from politics, over culture, entertainment, and sport. Those are the things that maintain them on the top. Of course, there are many apps that are mostly concentrated on entertainment, such as 9gag which is highly read by teens and young adults and, on the other hand, there are financial news apps, that are mostly used by brokers and other people whose job require to stay focused in this area.

But, if we would come back to the topic we already started, we could conclude that there is no other way to create the list of top news apps without mentioning New York Times or Buzzfeed. Not only they were on the top of the printed media’s for years and maintained to be on the top of online news, their apps are free for both Android and iOS users which make them suitable for every smartphone user. These apps keep you updated every time important news comes up and keeps you updated anywhere you are. So instead of buying morning newspapers every day to read what have happened the previous day, you can just take your phone from the pocket and have all the new information’s in your hand. So check out some of the 19 best free news apps for Android and iPhone in 2017.