What are the Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in the UK?


What are the Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in the UK? Most of the people choose to go down the path of traditional and mainstream jobs. But there are other jobs as well which may sound a bit quirky but pay well enough. These kind of jobs are very rare and hence, we do not get to see much of them. There are jobs about being a pet food taster! Another weird job is that of a professional tea taster! This is just the start. It can get even stranger. There are many such jobs in the market that none of us even knew existed. You might feel that these jobs are so strange that no one would actually do it, but you need to keep in mind that someone out there is doing a work like that.

Though most mainstream jobs require a basic set of skills such as work experience, communication skills, the ability to negotiate, and a professional behavior, there are other jobs whose requirements are quite different. In these situations, the employers might need someone who has a specific set of skills. This tells us that these positions need a skilled person and not anyone can apply. If you are looking to become a professional tea taster, then you must have a good knowledge about the various types of tea and must have the ability to identify every diet of smell and taste. This is not something that everyone can do.

There are people who would like to do something different and quit their 9 to 5 jobs. Those who are looking to make their life more interesting can check out this list. We went through the internet to find unusual jobs that pay well. We obtained information from The Independent and Unum. The average pay for each job has also been provided with the help of the information provided on Unum and PayScale. We have ranked them according to the salary of each job. Take a look at the amazing and unusual jobs that are available in the United Kingdom.

Chief Listening Officer, The Queen’s Piper, and Ice Cream Taster are some of the Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in the UK. They earn about £61,000 per year. The Queen’s Piper is quite an unusual job and they can earn up to £48,000 per year. Ice Cream Taster is yet another unusual and fun job and they can expect to earn around £41,000 per year.