What are the Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying Over The Phone or Text?


What are the Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying Over The Phone or Text? If you want to be smart enough to be able to know when someone in lying over a text of over a phone call, you can check out this list. Almost every one of us would have been victims of lies told over phone or texts which is why it is so important to know and recognize a lie when you come across one. Usually, we can find out about the honesty of a person by their body language which we cannot do so through a phone call.

It could be your partner, spouse, or colleague. Thus, it is important to understand whether the person is being truthful or not. Over phone calls, we can understand that all is not well when a person hesitates while answering or take pauses while answering. There are plenty of ways we can find out by using the voice modulation over calls.

It is much harder to detect a lie while texting as we would not be able to see or even hear them. Trying to change the subject of conversation, a reply after a pause, or talking about something else can act as signals that they may be lying. It is crucial that you are alert and pay attention or else, you might miss these clues. There are a few basic signals that we can use to know whether the other is lying or not but these are not fool-proof methods as the way of lying and mannerisms change with people. The main thing is your intuition. We took information and guidelines from Psychology Today to spot lies over calls and we compiled a list of ways to tell if someone is lying over a text or a call.

Hostile behavior, taking longer to respond, and giving undue compliments could also be clues that the person is telling a lie. They might suddenly need to leave, or they might take a long pause before answering, or turn hostile and accuse you instead! There are many who would try to give compliments and try to charm their way out of the problem. You can go through the complete list of the Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying Over The Phone or Text. Be careful. Stay safe.