What are the Weird North Korean Laws For Tourists?


What are the Weird North Korean Laws For Tourists? North Korea has quite an image in the Western world. It is referred to as the hermit kingdom where no news of its internal issues ever come out. And it is quite possible the citizens of North Korea are equally in the dark about the rest of the world. North Korea now allows visitors into their country. The US does not have great relationships with them, so in turn, they too are not very happy with Americans. Tourists have to follow some basic but stringent rules, some of which are downright silly.

Korea was split into North Korea and South Korea at the end of the World War 1. North Korea was supported by the Soviet Union while the US had the back of South Korea. South Korea has advanced to become a modern and democratic country. North Korea is as different as it possibly could be. They have a political system where there is only one party present and he is in power always. The people are power and they do not have access to the basic human needs.

Though it sounds pretty bleak, North Korea is a country which is unlike any other. It would be an experience in itself to visit this place and get to know how the people are getting on here. One would have to take special care that they do not get into trouble as North Koreans have strict laws. Things which you take for granted in your country might be a big NO in North Korea. This list was created with the help of US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs. We found out what activities by the visitors were considered as a crime by the government of North Korea.

Shopping in stores that are not specially designated for foreigners is a punishable offense. They are not permitted to use North Korea’s national currency so shopping gets a bit difficult. A visitor is not authorized to travel short distances with a guard accompanying you. Cases have surfaced where a person was shot by the military for being unaccompanied. North Korea has officially banned all religions. Any kind of prayers or even contraceptions can get you in trouble. An American tourist, Jeffrey Fowle, is now serving is prison sentence because he mistakenly left his Bible in a sailor club. You can check out the complete list of the Weird North Korean Laws For Tourists. Enjoy!


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