What Are The Worst Arab Countries For Human Rights?


What are the worst Arab countries for human rights? How can we tell that?

There is a document called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). According to this declaration, the United Nations Human Rights organisation created a database which provides easy access to country-specific human rights information. The index allows the user to find out about human rights issues worldwide, and to see how the legal interpretation of international human rights law has evolved over the past ten years. Insider Monkey used this database to answer the question which is a topic of this article.

There is a classification system which helps to separate human rights subject into seven categories. For example, there is the F class which is called “Specific persons or groups”, and it consists of about thirty sub-categories so as each main category. By analysing each sub-category within the framework of the particular country, specialists can tell whether the government of a country violates human rights of its citizens or not.

In the Insider Monkey’s list of the 11 Countries With the Worst Human Rights Violations in the World, we learned that there are five Arab countries in that list. The “6 Worst Arab Countries For Human Rights” article focuses on Arabian countries. Four of them are located in Asia on the banks of the Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf. One is bordering the Mediterranean Sea, and the last one is in Africa.

There are different factors that restrict human rights. For example social ones like cultural, sexual and religious oppression. Also, human rights are neglected due to wartime in some of the Arab countries like Syria, Iraq and Libya. In the Libya, in fact, two governments try to rule the country simultaneously.

So to learn details and the full list of Worst Arab Countries For Human Rights check Insider Monkey’s article: 6 Worst Arab Countries For Human Rights.