What are the worst times and places to take a selfie?


What are the worst times and places to take a selfie? In the modern world, we are witnessing more and more bizarre trends, mostly by young people but even the elderly are involving in these trends. So, ice bucket challenges, planking and similar have been popular for a while. The one trend that is still popular with the same intensity is taking selfies. We can say that there is no living being today that hasn’t taken a selfie or has been a part of selfie taking. The reason for that is very simple and accessible social medias.

Ever since the appearance of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. people are obsessed with taking selfies. You can take your selfies and post them for your family or friends to see, comment and like. But, when everybody is taking selfies and post it, it was expected that there would appear a silent competition between people who will post the best selfie? It seems that just taking a photo of yourself is not that interesting. People are pushing the limits, taking pictures in dangerous places, natural dangerous places like cliffs, near dangerous water streams, nearby deadly animals like snakes or big cats etc. This has resulted in the various injuries or even deaths because the ones who are taking pictures are not aware of their surrounding because they are focused only on taking a great picture.

Since there have been a lot of these unfortunate cases all over the world, Insider Monkey has published research article 15 Worst Times and Places To Take A Selfie. For example, on the 15th place is taking a selfie while driving, which is very dangerous because you can cause an accident, and endanger not only your life but also the lives of the others. You should check out the rest of the list in order to avoid the mistakes in taking your selfies.