What Are Top Selling Comic Book Issues Of 2015?


What are the top selling comic book issues of 2015? The are two longtime competitors in the comics publishing known as Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Together they shared about 70% of the American comic book market in 2014.

Insider Monkey made a list of the eleven top selling comic book issues in 2015. Marvel Comics publishes eight of them, so it’s easy to tell who’s 2015 leader in the market. DC Comics publishes only two comic books from the Insider Monkey’s list. They are Justice League #43 and Batman #43. One of them takes the third place in the ranking. Try to guess which one is.

So in 2015, these two major publishing companies confirm their reputation but what is that company which also managed to get to the list? It is the Image Comics which publishes The Walking Dead what is recognisable by many due to TV Series. Go ahead and check the article (link below) to know its rank.

By looking at the list, we can also tell that superheroes are still the most popular characters in the comic book. There are eight comics about superheroes, two from the list about the Star Wars expanded universe, and in the last one events unfold in the post-apocalyptic setting. The other interesting fact that we can separate comics readers preferences into three main groups:

1. We like to read stories about X-Men.

2. We like to read stories about Star Wars.

3. We like to read stories about the Spider-Man.

So to know all the comic book titles and their ranking you can check Insider Monkey’s article: 11 Top Selling Comic Book Issues of 2015.