What Are Vocational Careers of the Future?


In the world we live in nowadays, chasing for the degree seems to be the waste of time, as there is no guarantee that you will get any job in your profession after these few years spent on college. And to be honest, most of us passed our exams without studying all the needed material, or just learned something to pass, and later forgot all about it. Still, having some degree or diploma looks good on your resume when you are applying to some job position. On the bright side, many employers accept any certificate or degree just for training for some career, which is great for vocational career people that mostly need practice and not all the theory that would be waiting for them on the college. But as the requirement for every profession expires in time, we made a research to find out what are vocational careers of the future.

The truth is, even if some job position you applied for got someone with the college degree, it doesn’t essentially mean that he or she is better than you or that he or she would remain in that job for a long time. Some employer might prefer him or her over you because of that piece of paper, but everyone soon forgets about it, as everyone is concentrated on the ability to do the job right. You might even be the freelance programmer who gained their skills by watching courses, with the help of more experienced friend or you might even be self-thought and be better than the one that spent about 5 years passing exams and chasing for the college degree, and that is actually the only thing that any employer will pay attention to after he or she hires both of you.

For example, there is a growing need for web designers and developers, as the virtual world is slowly replacing the real life, but you don’t need to have the degree or many letters of recommendation to get some better-paid job, but the lot of experience and gained skills that are required for this kind of job. This is actually the good opportunity for everyone who spends the most of his or hers life in front of the computer. But if you are more for dealing with people and do some actual practice, instead of scrolling up and down, and managing something you have no idea what, then check out 11 best vocational careers for the future Insider Monkey found for you.