What Are Worse Jobs for People with Panic Attack?


If you are looking for a low-stress job then you should definitely read this article to know what worse jobs are for people with the panic attack so that know what job positions you should avoid, no matter how good the job sounds. How can you even consider working as a broadcaster if you stiff every time the camera is on?

There are many people who would advise you not to let go of your dreams, but unless you get over the thing that stops you doing your job well, don’t even go there. Trust me. I always wanted to be an actress, but every time I had a role in some play, I would die on the stage. Even when I started college, I still couldn’t get rid of the fear of the public appearance, so I failed the acting subject so many times, that my professor started feeling sorry for me and gave me the whole book to study from so he could have at least some material to give me the pass ticket. Maybe he was just sick and tired of looking at me for that long, but I managed to get a passing grade anyway.

This may look funny to you, but broadcasting and acting are not the worse jobs for people with the panic attack. If you have those attacks during the show, the worst thing that could happen to you is to get fired and be publically humiliated. In this moment, that may look like the worse thing in anyone’s life, but what if someone’s life is actually depending on you? If your dream job is to be a firefighter, how do you think you will rescue anyone if you start choking every time you feel this pressure? That’s why Insider Monkey’s research team compiled the list of 10 worst jobs for people with anxiety and panic attacks, so be sure to check them out before you decide what your profession should be.