What can be a good name for an investment company?


If you plan on opening up your own investment company, you must have thought what can be a good name for an investment company. Naming anything is tough, but when it comes to naming specialized firms, it is even tougher.

Specializing in a specific knowledge requires time and effort and you can get really good at it if you are committed and you have good teachers. But no one will teach you anything about giving identity to the venture you may start with that said knowledge. Once the organization starts performing, everyone will have to accept the name you have given, but during the initial days, that name can face lots of adoration or ridicule. So, a good name is important.

Usually, there are some commonly used unannounced rules of naming investment companies. If you are a well-known investment expert, you can always lend your own name to the company name. And if you have partners, you can mash together parts of everyone’s names to quickly come up with a name. Just make sure that people do not confuse your investment firm with a law firm because law firms also tend to do that. You can also use the name of a place or thing that is very important to you. These names tend to get quite a lot of attention because of the uniqueness. Lastly, you can dig deep into your vocabulary bank and find impressive sounding uncommon words for your firm’s name. Making sure that the words do not mean anything negative should be enough.

If you have received some basic idea about naming your firm but still undecided, take help from Insider Monkey’s 43 Good Names For Investment Companies: Use Our Generator where they have used their own name generator for some interesting name suggestions.