What can be a successful pickup line for Tinder?


Once you have found a match on Tinder, you need to start thinking what can be a successful pickup line for Tinder.

After countless left swipes, it gets complicated very quickly once you find a match. Up till that point, you may have thought finding a match was the hard part. But it truly is not. You need to be creative and innovative to keep the conversation going so that it may lead to a date at least. In order to do so, try to stay away from the traditional, cheesy pickup lines that have been overused. Try to think a bit unique.

Usually girls like conversations that help them understand the other person better. So, even though it is a pickup line, it is a good idea to showcase some of your skills and attributes. You can try to use jokes to break the ice and show that you intend to keep the conversation going. You can bring in witty analogies to praise her too. You can give compliments to their beauty or personality in a unique manner where the girl may understand your capacity to assess the people. You can also direct the conversation to a relatable topic like weekend habits or other general activities. But make sure to stay relatable and if you cannot think of very unique lines, stay straightforward and earnest.

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