What Divya Narendra Thinks of Facebook Inc (FB) & Twitter Inc (TWTR)?


In a recent program on CNBC, the CEO of SumZero investment firm and the co-founder of ConnectU social networking website, Divya Narendra provided his insights on the technology sector and several popular technology stocks. He considers that so far, this year has been somehow variable for the tech companies and there has been a spread among the top companies on the market. However, two of the technology leaders in Narendra’s opinion, in which investors can put their money with certainty are Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL). Moreover, Mr. Narendra provided his opinion about Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), of which he is not a shareholder.


Mr. Narendra is fond of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), because it provides the investor with the opportunity to put their money in a portfolio of services such as Instagram and WhatsApp, which represent two largest service providers in their respective niches.

“When you buy Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) stock, you’re buying essentially a portfolio, the dominant players. You’ve got the largest social network in the world, the largest photo-sharing app in the world. With WhatsApp you have the largest SMS application in the world. And even kind of core Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), as it stands, is crushing it from a financial standpoint, doing really well with engagemenet, and all of their other assets are completely unmonetized,” Mr. Narendra said.

The full video with Divya Narendra talking about Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is available below:

Regarding Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), the CEO of SumZero said that the company still has some work to do “to pitch their story a little bit better.” Investors expected Twitter to surge the number of its users following its IPO, which has not happened yet. However, the company managed to increase its sales numbers. In his opinion, investors are thinking whether to buy shares of Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) because of its financial performance that can improve soon, or because it more people will use it in the future.

“I think now that — because most people don’t actually tweet, there is more of a consumption use for Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR). They’ll have to show that financially they are going to monetize mobile even better than they have and that should, hopefully, help the stock,” Mr. Narendra concluded.

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