If you own a grocery store or are employed in some of them, it is important for you to know what fake ID’s are most used by teenagers, just to make sure you don’t face some penalties. But even if you are not, there is no harm for you to know something about fake ID’s, is it?

As the America is one of the four countries where you become officially adult after 21 and that’s the time you get all the benefits of the grown-ups unlike in other countries where the boundary is 18, there is no wonder why so many teenagers are seeking for a professional to make a fake ID for them and they usually don’t mind the price. But no matter the price, not every ID can be copied since some of them have characteristic holograms or letters and additional pictures that can only be seen under the specific light. But grocery stores and gas stations won’t check it. But just to be sure, teenagers usually go with just a few types, that are proven to be safe and almost the same as the real ID’s

Teenagers usually don’t use fake ID’s for some criminal actions, but just to have some fun in clubs and have some occasional drinks. There is no much harm in those actions, but since it is forbidden, they are left with only few options. The first one is to find someone’s older brother to buy them drinks, and the other is to own an ID of their own. As making fake ID’s became a real profession, teens are advised not to use the ID of the country they originate from and mostly not to use it in the same town so that no one can actually recognize them. Instead, they use some of this 7 easiest and most common fake ID states. So next time, some young looking boy comes to buy a liquor in your store with some of those ID’s, make sure you make the right choice of serving them.