The Program for International Student Assessment is created by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2000. Every third year, 15-years-old students from all around the world have the opportunity to prove their capability in three skills: reading, math, and science. In 2015 students from the US didn’t exactly shine on test since they took 40th place in science, 24th in reading, and 24th in math, unlike students from Canada that made 10th in science, 3rd in reading, and 6th in math. This may be proof that Canadian kids are a lot smarter than American kids. However, how accurate those results are, giving the circumstances than the US has one of the lowest rated educational level in the world.

Let’s take a look at some facts, shall we? First of all, almost anyone can become a teacher, while in Canada every teacher has to pass strict training and accomplish many requirements in order to get the access to work with children. The second thing is motivation. Since teachers spend more hours with children than their parents, they should be the ones that push children in accomplishing tasks and gaining good grades, but, as the US educational system is concerned there are 5.49 teachers per 1000 students, which means that some classes are held by one teacher for more than 50 students.

The second thing is the percentage of students. Over one million of American children don’t are unable to get the education, which means that there is a potential genius among those children, but he doesn’t have the access even to the primary education. While talking numbers, let’s compare it: while the ratio in the US is 5.64 children per every 1,000 students, the ratio in Canada is much lower and it counts 0.0615 students per every 1,000 who doesn’t go to school.

When looking at this numbers, actually how smarter are Canadian children over the ones that come from the US. To be honest, many brainchildren’s were born in America, like Apple and Facebook, Inc and if the US government would actually give those previously mentioned children the access to at least primary education, maybe the PISA results would be more to their advantage than they are now. So do you think that PISA exam proves Canadian kids are smarter than American kids in math, reading, and science or those results actually don’t make some big point at all?