What Is Hiding behind MyGirlFund?


Since it was released in 2008, MGF is the subject of many debates. While the owner of this site claims that it is the site where girls can use their mind and creativity to earn some cash, other as wondering what is actually hiding behind MyGirlFund.

The original idea of this site was to allow girls to post interesting pictures and videos or have online chat with their followers, but as the content became more explicit in many cases, it now more looks like some semi-pornographic site. But depending on the user you are talking to about this site, you would get different answers. On the bright side, none of the girls who worked as models for the site had any complaints due to this topic. They were never made to strip or to do any other kind of explicit activity, and most of them are actually forbidden, except to chat and talk to strangers. Fortunately, men who are subscribed are polite and are looking only entertainment and good talk.

Many girls who are, let’s say, working here managed to pay all the bills they had and finished colleges and even god Master degrees thanks to the generosity of their subscribers. But, as for the money is concerned, there is one disadvantage of this site. Owners are taking 35% of every girl’s earnings, which means that a bit less of half of the money men think they are going into their favorite girl’s hands are actually going to someone else’s salary.  Another thing that you can clearly see from MGF privacy policy, but is, at least in my opinion, totally inappropriate, is that every single conversation is monitored and recorded so there isn’t anything you can say that someone won’t notice. In fact, if you try to get in touch with some girl from the site, or she tries it with you, don’t be surprised when some of you get banned from the site permanently. The administration claims that this is strictly because of the girl’s safety, but we all know what’s behind their decision. To be honest, if private information’s would be provided, the number of users would fall and the site owners wouldn’t earn as much as they do now cause no one would like to give that 35% if they didn’t have to. But, what if someone really starts to like someone they met over this platform and want to stay in closer touch and even meet or start a relationship? Well, for those people can forget about it as well as their future career on the site. But one question remains unclear about MyGirlFund: helping college girls pay tuition bills or glorified webcam site fix?