What is so interesting about the most interesting man in the world?


Even though the most interesting man in the world character was created for an advertisement campaign, it has received viral popularity and you should know what is so interesting about the most interesting man in the world.

Jonathan Goldsmith got recruited by the beer brand, Dos Equis to promote their brand. But his unique portrayal has made him famous all across the globe. Memes about the character have become universally popular. The central idea of the ads is the most interesting man has seen and done it all in his life and Dos Equis is the number one choice of beer for him. So, everyone should also try it. If this seems fascinating, Mr. Goldsmith’s life is equally interesting. He has faced life’s struggle like everyone else and even had to work as a dump truck driver at one point. He had to compete against 500 others during the audition and told a more than thirty minute long story about how he had to arm-wrestle with Cuba’s Fidel Castro. He has lived on a boat and now he lives in the mountains of Vermont. He is also a philanthropist and green-tech investor. He owns a company that is working on waterless cleaning. He is also a member of organizations that are trying to protect animals in danger and eradicate landmines. Mr. Goldsmith is known not only for this campaign, but also for the other great movies he has worked in with other great actors. His brilliant acting as this character has actually been a marketing success and Dos Equis is the fastest growing beer brand in the USA.

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