What Is the Appropriate Alcoholic Drink for Diabetics?


We are all aware of the consequences of alcoholic drinks, as well as the danger of diabetes itself. But people diagnosed with diabetes are also fans of an occasional drink, which is why we wanted to find out what is the appropriate alcoholic drink for diabetics.

To start with the basics: there are two types of diabetes- type 1, which is most common among children and teenagers, caused by some pancreas disease or infection from some accident or surgery, and type 2, common for obese and overweight adults. Both types have the same result: an inability of the organism to produce insulin, which at the end of the day causes death. There are many treatments for the diabetics. Most common of all are insulin shots and proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is all about balancing ingredients and calories, which means 40% – 60% calories from carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 30% less fat. It is also important to mention that the whole ‘no sugar allowed’ advice is a bit understood, as diabetics are allowed to have their healthy meals with a bit of sugar, as long as the meal is as balanced as we mentioned before.

And like the rule about avoiding sugar completely is not entirely true, there is one more thing that is a bit of exemption from the rule and that’s avoiding alcohol. Alcohol is harmful to everyone, no matter if they are diagnosed with some condition or not, but everyone is also allowed to have a drink from time to time, including diabetics. They have to avoid drinks with lots of sugar and calories, but even one shot of vodka per a day is something that diabetics can handle without any consequences. Also, if they don’t want to feel left out at the events when everyone is holding colorful glasses with a tiny umbrella on the top, they are also allowed to change an ingredient or too and enjoy these drinks like everyone else does. And here are 12 best alcoholic mixed drinks for diabetics to enjoy without any worry.