Kidney failure is a serious condition and it should be resolved ASAP. The best solution for it is a kidney transplant that sometimes can get very tricky due to the lack of donations and the uninterested or inexperienced doctors. There are several factors that you have to take into consideration before having this major procedure and one of them is what the best country to have a kidney transplant is.

A kidney transplant is one of the easiest procedures nowadays with one of the highest success rates among all surgical procedures out there. However, it is a long and hard path to come into the position to get a new kidney. First of all, you need to find a match. If there isn’t anyone from your surroundings sharing your blood type and other factors that are important when it comes to transplant, you will be put on a waiting list depending on the seriousness of your condition. Since kidney failure are spotted very easy and early, there are not that many patients that are considered to make it on the top of the list as soon as they are diagnosed. Although it is something that it is supposed to be resolved immediately, the waiting list is usually that long that you will be waiting at least 5 years to get a new one.

A country that has the best surgeons who perform kidney transplant is, of course, the US. Although the procedure by itself is very expensive, it costs $262,900, to be more precise, there were still more than 99,000 people on the transplant list patiently waiting to take their turn for the new kidney. Since the US breeds the best surgeons in their field, there isn’t a high number of failed cases, which is why the US remains on the top of 8 best countries for a kidney transplant, at least according to Insider Monkey’s research.

But if you are in a big need for a kidney transplant and don’t have enough financial resources to head to the US this moment, click on 8 best countries for a kidney transplant and find the country that is more nearby and has the more affordable price for this procedure.