What Is the Best Excuse To Skip Work?


Imagine this: you wake up, it is 6 AM and the sun is so bright that you would rather spend a whole day on the balcony, then spend next 10 hours in the office. Ok, it is decided, you don’t go to work today, but what is the best excuse to skip work? I don’t think that your boss will accept something like ‘’Sorry, it’s a beautiful day, I really don’t feel like working’’. Or he would, but with the addition of ‘’…anymore. I quit’’. But what excuse should you use to skip just one day without penalties?

Using someone’s death as an excuse, or even worse, your child’s sickness is just teasing your karma, so the best thing is to let go of it and try with something less brutal and a bit creative. And how to pick one? First of all, you need to know your boss very well, so that you can find an excuse he can relate to. If your boss comes to work no matter how ill he is, remember that none of the excuses related to illness is going to work out for you. In that case, forget the women problems, back pain, food poisoning. On the other hand, men are weaker on women’s problems, so there might be some possibility to give you one day off, but just in case, don’t try it if he comes to work even if he had spent a whole night in the IR.

The second thing you should pay attention to is that your excuse must sound realistic and you have to cover yourself well. You don’t want to have your boss discover that you are not honest with him, or that may lead to your last talk in the life. And last, but not least, you have to choose an excuse that takes you the whole day to finish something if you want to skip the whole day. So, no small appointments, no trafficking, unless you work in the another town, no appointments in your child’s school unless you can tell your boss that, unless you get a day off, you will need to take your child to work.

Now, we present you 16 good believable excuses for missing work Insider Monkey’s research team prepared for you. And if you are someone’s boss, give those people a break and skip this one.