What Is the Best Film School in Canada?


The film industry is on the rise and it is the best time for you to start thinking about what is the best film school in Canada that you should apply to.
The revenues of the film industry in the last couple of industry had the extreme jump. According to the Statista, the revenue of the film industry in 2016 was approximate to $38 billion and it is estimated to jump to at least $50 billion by the year of 2020.
Thanks to the technology development, movie producers and screencasts are nowadays able to use multiple features to improve their records and tickle the imagination of the viewer’s keeping them tight in front of their screens for a couple of hours per a day. Although many people prefer nowadays watching movies or any other kind of show in the comforts of their home, whether it is on their PC, Laptop, Tablet, TV or a smartphone, but there are still many remaining faithful to official theater premiers. From the beginning of the 21st century, in the US and Canada are sold approximately 1,320,800 movie tickets every year, but the busiest year for tickets sellers was definitely 2005 when there were 1.38 billion tickets sold in these countries.
On the other hand, making your way to the top in Hollywood, which seems to be the most obvious way for a lots of people in movie industry is too hard because of the big competition, and there is usually not much time for people to squeeze your movie in their schedule if they already have certain number of already proven movie makers on their lists. Luckily for all beginners, especially for the ones that come from Canada, Toronto became the center of movie culture as well, which is why it was decided to improve the quality of movie schools in that area and make it more affordable for people’s needs. If you are looking forward to becoming the student of one of the most prestigious film schools in Canada, there are 7 best film schools in Canada in our opinion that you definitely have to check out.


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