The development of the movie started in early 1890’s, but the equipment by itself was not fully developed yet, which is why these first movies lasted no longer than a minute and were mute for about 4 decades until The Jazz Singer came to a big screen. This movie opened a new era in the movie industry with full and clear sound and made a room for the movie industry to improve and spread all over the globe. But no matter the technology by itself, there wouldn’t be anything new in the movie industry if it weren’t for experienced and well-educated filmmakers and the Europe found the right way to advertise its educational system in advance. Since the Khan quickly became the main movie industry center in Europe, like the L.A. is to the CA, there should have been more film schools open on this area and we decided to find out what is the best film school in Europe.
After brainstorming some ideas, we came across Insider Monkey’s list and picked their brains on this one. According to their research, the best film school in Europe is FAMU (The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts). This Academy is placed in Prague, Czech Republic, but, luckily for you, you won’t have to learn the language. FAMU is split into 11 departments and one of them is actually for international students, which means that all classes are held in English.
There are also master and certificate programs and you are given the opportunity to apply for scholarship any time you want. Besides being the leading film school in its study programs, it gives also a lot of different opportunities to their students to make their life around campus easier. And the staff will always be available for you. But if you think the Czech Republic is too far away for you, try out some of the 10 best film schools in Europe that Insider Monkey’s team came up with for you.