What Is the Best Place for October Vacation?


School just started, and your child already needs a break? Are you one of those parents who do everything just to make your child happy? In that case, would you like to know what the best place for October vacation is?

October is not that popular month when it comes to vacation, because children are starting the school again, and adults need to get back to work after their summer vacation and make up for all the lost time during it. But October might be the perfect solution for vacation, especially because of the weather and lower prices. Personally, I don’t like summer that much since I have to spend all time under the shower or I will end up being a sweaty whole day. Even if you have the air condition in your home, your body will suffer a great shock when you go out from the colder, cozier room, outside, on the burning sun and vice versa.  Another thing is the burning sun. First of all, you aren’t allowed to get out of the house from the early noon until the night, or you will become all red or get the headaches from the sun. The second thing is, your body will be exhausted and dehydrated from all that heat, which can lead to more serious medical conditions and mess with your organism a lot.

This is why October is so much better for traveling. Although the weather is a bit unpredictable and you need to carry a little more stuff with you, but at least you will be able to enjoy both sunny and warm rainy days and nights. Everything is so much better in October, especially nature. Everything is yellow and orange, and the roads are filled with leafs and there isn’t bigger enjoyment that walking and jumping on it. So what are the 10 best places to visit in the USA in October?