What Is the Best Spy Movie Ever?


Spy movies are among the most watched movies ever because of all the anxiety you feel while watching and the excitement while revealing the truth, like detective movies. So, what is the best spy movie ever in your opinion?

When I was a kid, I used to love Spy KidsSpy Kids. There was a big thrill while watching them skyscraping, using special equipment to fight the bad guys and fly. When I became older, the reality kicked me hard and showed that spies are not just people flying around and beating the bad guys to the justice with some high-tech home-craft special equipment. There are many things needed to become one and there are many movies showing the reality of the life of the spies. For example, there is no way you can reveal your true identity to no one, including your own family, which makes it even hard to keep up with all the misbeliefs you make yourself make up every single day, including the business you are on. You also have to protect your family from everyone, even though they are not aware of that. There is also a great danger of what can happen to you while working or even not working, but spending the casual Sunday with your family. There is many more reasons why you wouldn’t want to go there, but this doesn’t mean that movies about spies are not addicted to watching.

We have all heard of Charlie’s Angels,  the movie about three hot girls no one would even assume they can fight like that and take all the instructions from a person whose identity is not familiar to anyone. What do you think, did they have some help during some scene or did they do everything by themselves? Well, would Cameron Diaz win Imagen Award for Best Actress in this movie if someone did everything instead of her? Of course not. This is why she is on the top of my list of the best spies in movies. What about you? Who would you put on your list? While you think about that, Insider Monkey made a list of 10 best spies in movies, so check their list out and see if there is something you would change.