What Is the Best State for Architects?


Every job comes with some perks and drags, but architecture only comes with money and glory. Like art, buildings are remained to stay for many, many years, even few centuries. If they stay even for a few decades out there, they are announced as monuments and become the national treasure. And what is the best state for architects?
Do you know about Salvador Dali? He was one outrageous, self-centered, some would even say lunatic, artist. He was a painter, he was abstracted, he was an only-one-woman-ever lover, and most importantly, he was one of a kind architect. Spain is overfilled with his arts and there will be no governments ever that will allow some constructive worker make a mess out of his work. Buildings that he worked on are so specific, that there is no chance you will be missing to notice any. He even constructed his own house which is actually a labyrinth and you needed to be a big expert not to get lost in it. Nowadays, it is a museum of his art. He was obsessed with curves and almost the half of Barcelona is made in this shape, thanks to him. He made a great impact on the new generation and the art of architecture itself, so why wouldn’t you inherit him?
Before you do, you have to know that being the architect isn’t the easiest job on the planet.  It’s not just that you have to be very good at designing and studying, but also in calculating, since this is a very responsible job. No matter what you are building, you have to know the exact measures and the amount of material you have to use and the amount you have to avoid if you have the intention of not killing anyone.
For example, if you are building a bridge, you have to measure all the pressure that it can and have to take to remain in its place. This means the strong structure, but not too much iron usage since it would be too hard to hold still more than a year.
The same thing is with tall buildings and houses. The design is what it matters for your customers. But the construction has to be strong enough to take it all. And if you think you can manage all of this, then these are 25 best states for architects you should try moving into.