What Is the Best State for Chefs and Head Cooks?


Cooking is an art. Cooking is love. Sharing your secrets with close people is love. Making a delicious meal for strangers is putting you and your love in it the love. But getting some privileges with it is a big plus, which is why we decided to find out what is the best state for chefs and head cooks.
The best state for chefs and head cooks mostly depends on the desire and goals that chefs and head cooks have. Is it money? Or a perhaps better chance for improvement? Or maybe the chance to put some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in your resume? Since each of you have different goals and views of success, Insider Monkey found not just one, but 25 best states for chefs head cooks. Each of them has its perks, which is why you would need to take all of them into consideration when you are picking your next destination.
Now, let’s take a look at some numbers. The annual salary, when it comes to chefs is about $41,500, at least according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Just to make something clear. These $41,500 are the result of the collecting the annual salary in all the states of the US in general, and not for some specific area. If you are looking for an area that offers the biggest amount of money to their chefs and head cooks, then the perfect state for you is New Jersey, with the annual median wage of about $56,730. Speaking of numbers and money, the second thing that Insider Monkey’s research team took into consideration was the average cost of an index. If you are looking at these numbers, New Jersey wouldn’t be a perfect choice since its index is about 121. According to our list, states that you want to avoid if the main criterion was the living cost index are California and New York, with the highest costs of 135.2. The one that would satisfy you the most would be Mississippi, with the index of only 86. And the third thing that helped us with the ranking was the employment number, which was the highest in California, where there is 19,290 employment rate. As you can see, even though California is doing the worse when it comes to the index of costs of living, it is on the top when it comes to employment.  So take your options with some of the 25 best states for chefs and head cooks from our list and find the one that fits you the best.