What Is the Best Tequila Brand?


Have some lemon in your house? Great, take some salt as well as this is tequila time! But wait, first you need to know what the best tequila brand is!

Tequila by itself is a billion dollar industry in Mexico, which increases the economy by more of the half manufactured product’s exports. To be precise, 70% of all tequila that is produced in Mexico is being exported and the biggest percentage of it goes to the US, as one of the biggest consumers of beverages. We don’t want to imply that Americans are alcoholics, but they are one of the countries with the biggest population, which is why it is one of the countries that have to have the most imports and manufactures. In the US, you can find only bottles of tequila with 40-55% alcohol.

The import of tequila might be a bit decreased due to the election of the new US president, Donald Trump, because of tequila’s origin. We are all aware that, for some unknown reason, Trump is completely against Mexicans which is why there are high chances that he will, besides people, try to vanish everything that can remind on Mexico, which means taking the right of his citizens to enjoy all the great tastes that Mexico provides.

Finding the best tequila brand in the world is not an easy job. Actually, it is impossible job, because we all have different taste, which is why we all prefer different brands. But the thing that could help us was compiling the list of best-selling tequila brands. Unless they are much under the price, people wouldn’t give so much money on some brand if it wasn’t worth it. So let’s take a look at Insider Monkey’s 10 best-selling tequila brands in the US.