What Is the Best Therapy Dog Breed?


Dogs are proven to be the best therapy source for people after they suffer some great loss, disaster, sickness, or any other hard time in their life. This is why many hospitals, rehab, and therapy centers are using different dog breeds to help their patients pass their traumas and heal both physically and mentally. What is the best therapy dog breed they are using?
All the breeds can be trained to be good pain and stress relievers. It all depends on the way they are kept and trained, which means that you can use the breed that is most commonly used for fights as a therapy method. Qualities then have to have are to be calm and friendly, not afraid or avoiding strangers, and not to be bad tempered. They need to love touches since all the patients would like to pet and love them. The best ones for the hospital environment are the smaller ones, like bichons.
Dogs need to be sensitive since their job will be to help patients get over the emotional stress, anxiety, or depression. They will be visiting hospitals, places of disasters, rehab centers, go to home visits, nursing homes, or just have their little parks where children and adults will come and play with them. The thing that has to be mentioned is that you don’t need to be in therapy in order to take some fluffy love with you. Dogs are the perfect additions to every home, especially the ones with children. They are great company for sleeping, cuddling, watching TV, babysitting, calming down babies, and walks. The only problem you will be facing is their hair, that can be all over your house if you don’t pay enough attention.  And they only require food, clean water, and love. Mix all of it, and you will get their full satisfaction.
To get back on the 11 best small service dog breeds for therapy work based on the research done by Insider Monkey’s team, there isn’t any special request for them. Their personality speaks for themselves, which is why you need to take a peek at the article and find out what is the next great addition to your household.