What Is the Best Way to Use Facebook For Dating?


If you are uncertain what the best way to use Facebook for dating is, let us be clear that it definitely doesn’t include stalking and posting ‘you are so beautiful’ comments. This is a bit creepy and it is more than obvious that you are not the type that other gender chases or maybe even notice. Luckily for you, we are here to help. If you are a Facebook addict, you don’t have to download random dating apps that will cost you $5. It isn’t much, but Facebook is already a social network with the most daily users in the world and they are offering to join some of their best dating apps for hooking up.

There are several ways to hook up with someone via Facebook, especially if you have already become friends on the network and know a bit about each other. If you don’t know each other in person, but figured some things out from their posts from a while ago, don’t use it as a pick-up line. Dating world is always the same, no matter if it is virtual or live. And if you wouldn’t approach someone in person with some line, try avoiding it virtually as well. This never works out fine and the only thing you will be getting tonight would be a block list and you don’t want that from the person you really like. The worst thing is, there is no way that the world about your psychotic behavior won’t spread within a day.

But, as always, Facebook found another way to help out and that’s by offering their users free dating apps for hooking up. You can join some of the chatting and guessing if someone is looking for the real relationship or just the one-night or occasional sex or get to the straightforward ones, like Would You Sleep With Me? Plain, loud and clear. Both of you will instantly get the message of what are you looking for and there is no harm. Unless you are using a protection and that actually isn’t Facebook’s problem. No one forced you to it and the app developers don’t require the full body and blood results when you are applying. So getting HIV, STD, or unwanted pregnancies are all on you. Besides that, you just relax and have some fun with some of the 10 free Facebook dating apps for hooking up.