What Is the Biggest Grocery Chain in America?


There is no wonder why every other person is eager to open their own grocery store since there are so many owners that made millions few years after opening just one small shop. Grocery chains are the retail industry that makes over $4.5 trillion annually, which makes it one of the biggest industries in the US. The biggest grocery chain that definitely makes the highest amount of money annually is the Walmart.

Reported revenue for the fiscal year that ended in January 2016 was $482 billion which is actually more than 10% of the revenue of the entire industry. Walmart grocery stores can be found in 27 countries worldwide and the company counts 11,526 shops. With 1,4 million employees in the US and 2, million employees worldwide, Walton family still has enough income with their 51% shares to live like gods.

Walmart, Inc operates retail stores under very low prices. If you are one of the people who mostly enjoy shopping from their own home, Walmart also has their own website where you can purchase shipping items. Other stores run by Walmart include small-format stores, hypermarkets, supercenters, warehouse clubs, restaurants, and discount stores.

The thing that makes Walmart that successful is the variety of products they offer. Besides groceries, in their branches, you can find home furnishing, household appliances, hardware, entertainment, pharmacy and wellness products, stationary, auto spares, and car accessories, and apparel.

All of this put Walmart on the top of Insider Monkey’s list of 11 largest grocery chains by revenue in America. If you want to see the rest of the article, click on the link we attached and you will be automatically transferred to the site.