What Is the Cheapest but the Best Bourbon?


You don’t have to be an alcoholic to occasionally enjoy some well-branded drink. No matter what others might say, but bigger price doesn’t guarantee better quality. Some of the most expensive drinks are selling only the name, but not that good taste, so why would you throw your money away on something that wouldn’t make your tongue shake? Instead of that, try out the cheapest but the best bourbon.

According to Insider Monkey, you can find even 10 bourbons that cost less than $50 and they test even better than the ones that cost about $3,000. No matter how good may they taste, there is no need for you to spend the fortune for some occasional glass that you can also get for 60 times lower price. Those more expensive drinks are, as we already said before, just names, and the whole process of making them is always the same. Perfect bourbon is made 51% of the corn and it is distilled to no more than 160 proofs, which is 80% alcohol by volume. The second step is to keep it in a charred oak barrel at 125 proofs, which is 62.5% alcohol by volume and later bottled at 80% proof, or 40% alcohol by volume. As simple as that. So, why do some bourbons cost more than some other? The truth is, like the wine, it is said that the older the bourbon is, the better it tastes. But also, like the wine, that isn’t always the case.

Of course, for $3,000 you can have the bourbon that has to taste heavenly, due to its price, but on the other hand, there is the Elijah Craig that can be picked up for only $40 and it will taste as better as the one that costs $200. Especially when you decide to celebrate something big, such as a wedding or a childbirth, you want the best bourbon for the money: 10 best bourbons under $50, trust us and you won’t regret a single penny.