What Is the Easiest Way to Make Money on Etsy?


Etsy is the growing selling platform, that, unlike Amazon, promotes handmade and vintage craft, which means that if you have some vintage valuable item or are creative enough, Etsy is the easiest way for you to make some money.

Other selling platforms are promoting every item you can think of, no matter how ridiculous you think they are, whether they are previously used or they are brand new. They usually go under lower prices, and sometimes the cost of the service may be even higher than the item itself.

But unlike them, Etsy only promotes products with the decent value and last long. As you may already assume, if your grandparents have some old pictures or paintings, or even the old ceramic mugs or other similar supplies, it will be killing two flies with one rock. For items like this, Etsy will definitely find you buyers, and your grandparents will be delightful that you know how to appreciate their craft.

But if you want to know which items will quickly gain you bigger earnings, you have to pay attention to several features. For example, profitability rate and the longevity of your shop with the items you are willing to purchase, as these two criteria are most important of all. Obviously, you won’t get bigger money for some consumable items, or the items you are likely to run out of soon. This is why we consulted Insider Monkey for the best solution for this topic and found the perfect article to help.

As expected, their list contains original paintings. Although the profitability is low because of all the supplies and time you have to invest in every painting before uploading it to this platform, but, on the other hand, the longevity of the business is high, since your shop will last until you run out of the talent or the idea, and we are all aware that, in every artist’s case, it is likely impossible. If you are not that talented for painting but are creative enough in a different sense, then you may start with home-made jewelry, as there is a long list of customers for this kind of craft.

If you still didn’t get the idea on your own which items should you start selling on Etsy to gain some money with your skills, that proceed to Insider Monkey’s article 10 best things to sell on Etsy to make money.