What Is the Future of the Mexican Restaurants in the US?


Even before Donald Trump was elected for the president of the United States, he announced many restrictions to Hispanics, of which is most solemn is the claim of them is the one about the deportation of all Hispanics from the America and building a wall between countries so that none of them could cross over ever again. This news had shaken up everyone a lot, but one question remains unanswered: what is the future of the Mexican restaurants in the US?

This question would be very easy to answer as even the new president enjoys tacos from time to time. Ok, maybe only in his own residency, but still, he doesn’t look like someone who is ready to give up on the Mexican food any time soon. Also, as he is elected for the president mostly because American citizens already had a history with Clinton family and didn’t want it to repeat, he doesn’t want even more hatred in the US then there already is. On the other hand, there are that many Mexican food lovers that this industry is more spread in the US than the food that’s the US origin by itself. If you don’t believe me, the numbers don’t lie. CHD report from 2014 showed that there were 50,000 Hamburger restaurants that year in the US. If this sounds a lot, what would you say if I told you that the number of the Mexican food restaurants was even bigger? That year, 54,000 Mexican restaurants were on top of their business, and most of them are still there no matter the restrictions.

Some of the Mexican food chains that have to stay in the US, like, forever are Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc, Jack in the Box, Inc, Del Taco Restaurants, Inc, and Yum! Brands, Inc. And why is that? The main reason is that these restaurants boost the economy of the US as they earn a lot of money and are spread in other countries as well as the other continents. If we would take the Jack in the Box, Inc as an example, we would see that on October 2, 2016, when the fiscal year for the Jack in the Box ends, this company had 2,555 restaurants, including 417 company-operated and earned $789,04 million that year. And not to mention their earnings of Qdoba acquired by the Jack in the Box in 2013 and now owns 699 restaurants over 47 states and the District of Columbia and Canada. Only Qdoba earned $415,50 million. Can you even imagine how this affected the economy of the US? Giving that said, I think that the Moe’s vs Chipotle vs Qdoba & others where people are eating are pretty safe for now, but read the article Insider Monkey provided and see it for yourself.