We are all aware that medical experts earn lots of money, and that there is a medical branch called biomedical engineering, but do you know what is the job of a biomedical engineer?
Well, one thing is for sure: every medical attending needs a biomedical engineer by his side. The simplest way of explaining their purpose is to create the best devices, which would solve various clinical problems. They work in different fields of medicine. They are working with doctors, researchers, and therapists, and their job is to develop and maintenance the best biomedical equipment, and design body machines and organs that replace body parts. You know those little plastic bypasses that help your blood run through your veins?  Well, that’s all thanks to them.
For their job, they are earning approximately $41,45 per an hour, which can result in the annual wage of between $53,680, which is the lowest recorded annual salary for the biomedical engineer ever, and $139,350. Their wage usually depends on the company they are working for, the field of research and development they are involved into, and the years of experience.
Becoming a biomedical engineer isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to finish engineering school and major in some BMA during the undergraduate program. But if you have good analytic skills combined with the knowledge in math and science, then you should move to some of the 25 best states for a biomedical engineering job in the US, according to the Insider Monkey’s research and cash out your skills.